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Wednesday, 27-12-2017

Two new accounts at the end of the year – RWE is once again putting its faith 100% in cyber-Wear and is bringing its subsidiary innogy along too

The return of the energy supply group sees the first full-service customer in the history of cyber-Wear coming back after a short break

The very first testimonial to full-service provision from the early days of cyber-Wear is now back in their customer base – RWE AG, for whom they provided a full range of advertising material and merchandise articles for many years—from 2001 until 2013—have again chosen to put their faith in cyber-Wear, after a change in provider and a relatively short absence. And, as if that wasn't enough, RWE's eco-energy and network subsidiary innogy SE—including their own subsidiary WESTNETZ—are also looking to use the full-service partner in the future, given that they have proven their worth with their parent company over a period of more than twelve years.


The two online shops set up by cyber-Wear were launched in mid-December on and Both are accessible to the public and have an additional area for employees which is accessible via a separate log-in. The two e-commerce platforms, which have been set up to meet the latest technological standards, are available in both German and English and with pricing indicated in both euros and pounds, and have a similar structure – the range of articles on offer can be found in various categories: "Office", "Children", "Sweets", "Clothing", "On the go" or summarised alphabetically under "A to Z", and can be ordered from the comfort of your own home or from the offices of the two energy providers. The innogy shop also has a further category carrying the branded goods of their subsidiary WESTNETZ. As of the middle of December, the entire stock of articles from the previous service provider is now being delivered to the cyber-Wear warehouse, and there will of course also be new advertising material and merchandise articles designed by cyber-Wear for both of the shops.


RWE AG, which has its head office in Essen in North-Rhine Westphalia, is one of the largest energy supply groups in Europe. With their two areas of operative business, conventional energy generation and the energy trading business, the group is indispensable for the functioning of the energy system and for security of supply in Germany and Europe. The third pillar of their business is a majority shareholding in innogy SE. This subsidiary of RWE generates electricity from regenerative energy sources, operates distribution grids and is responsible for sales and customer business. innogy also provides innovative energy services, namely in the areas of storage technology, electro-mobility and energy efficiency.


Almost exactly a year after the return of the last-minute specialists L’TUR, cyber-Wear are very pleased to be able to welcome back a further "dinosaur" to their customer base.