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Friday, 05-04-2019

Urban, safe and indispensable

Even sophisticated anti-theft rucksacks can be improved. The modern backpack in an urban roll-top design has an indispensable hidden detail.

Anti-theft rucksacks are already travel companions which once you've had once, you don't want to do without. The new rucksack from Cybergroup has gone a step further in its equipment: You can even take your eyes off it, with all your belongings inside. This is because the special extra of this bag is its steel-reinforced combination lock, which does not just lock the main compartment, but which you can use to attach and secure the rucksack anywhere.


Finally you no longer need to keep an eye on your bag all the time, or keep hold of it. Just lock the rucksack to the bike and pop into the bakery. Or secure your possessions directly to the chair in a cafe and go and get your coffee without stress. Or work on the go and get up without having to take all your things with you. Or ... There are countless other everyday situations which are much easier thanks to this practical gimmick.


A 15.6" laptop and a tablet up to 12.9" can also be securely stored in the cushioned side pockets, while extra inner pockets allow you to organise your stuff easily. Store articles which don't need anti-theft protection within reach in the side pockets or in the removable, elastic mesh on the front. For smartphones and wallets, the rucksack offers hidden compartments, sometimes even with RFID protection.


In addition, the stylish backpack is made from cut-protection and waterproof material, so keep the contents completely secure. The outer surface is available in urban designs like mottled grey and blue tones. With all these gimmicks, an extension loop for suitcase handles is almost a side matter. With its clean design and sophisticated details you will soon no longer want to be without this all-rounder. As an attractive advertising present or a popular merchandising article, the backpack can be individually screen-printed or embroidered in any way.