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Wednesday, 13-04-2016

Very welcome giveaways

cyber-Wear accompanies the sports sponsorship activities of Audi with the appropriate little tokens of appreciation

For a range of winter sports events throughout Europe at which Audi appears as a sponsor, cyber-Wear has produced giveaways which are ideal for the winter in the corporate design of the brand with its four rings: practical toe warmers, small tubes of hand cream and little packets containing 2 throat sweets. In the winter sports context Audi focuses its marketing operations particularly on the four-wheel-drive quattro, which demonstrates its superiority on snow and ice with confidence. For those brave spectators shivering in the cold, small tokens of the company's appreciation have therefore been designed, themselves top quality branded products and ideal for the situation: the thermo pad toe warmers combat cold feet, hand creams by Neutrogena are ideal for dry and cracked winter skin, and throat sweets from Ricola help counteract the initial symptoms of a cold.

Such promotional articles - which are firstly applied during the event and secondly, as quality products featuring the Audi branding, recognisably bundle the forces of two strong brands - are always doubly welcome and thus help to convey messages. Above all the toe warmers in the Audi design are the ideal give-aways when the weather is really cold because - simply stuck on the socks - they keep the feet warm for up to six hours. The order quantities were correspondingly impressive: cyber-Wear supplied 10,000 toe warmers to Audi France alone. As a rule the tube of hand cream isn't emptied at once but is taken home after the event, and accordingly reinforces among the spectators the memory of a successful, emotion-generating occasion.  cyber-Wear has an almost inexhaustible portfolio of promotional articles - providing something for every occasion.

It is therefore all the more important that the company's team includes experts who know all these articles well, so that they can provide customers with fast product suggestions for every order.

For Audi, involvement in winter sports is the ideal platform for presenting to an international public the sporting flair, dynamism and performance of the Audi brand and its quattro model. Among other participations Audi AG has for over 30 years now been the principal sponsor of the German Skiing Federation and all the German national teams. In addition the company is partner to a further 15 (!) alpine national teams and the Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS). In the Audi FIS Alpine World Cup the four rings will be participating as the title sponsor for the 14th time in the 2015/2016 season, and since 2011 the brand has also lent its name to the Audi FIS Ski Cross World Cup. In 2015 Audi was also presenting sponsor of the FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships, which were held in Vail/Beaver Creek, USA. In the 2017 competitions St. Moritz in Switzerland will for some days become the "home of quattro".