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Friday, 15-06-2018

Visible progress on the construction site for the new building in Mannheim

A large amount of soil was removed during the first construction phase, and for the past few days visible progress was made. Initial conjectures can be made about the building´s size.

Construction of the new building in Mannheim was officially begun on 19. February 2018, and mostly soil, but also sand and gravel were removed. For the past couple of days, far more has been going on at the construction site.

During the initial construction phase, a lot of soil was removed and the ground filled with sand, gravel and clay, to maintain a flat area able to bear loads. At the same time, the constructor undertook  underground and waste water channel construction for the disposal of rainwater and  waste water. Wheeled loaders, earthmovers, caterpillar vehicles and dump trucks moved back and forth across the construction site almost permanently.

The progress made during the past few days can now be clearly seen. Giant low-bed trucks, loaded with heavy concrete supports, drive to the construction site where heavy-duty cranes unload them, carefully setting up the supports. Square foundations made of special concrete were previously set into the ground for the concrete supports. The big concrete supports are then attached to the foundations.

The roof and walls will be erected during the next phase, but that will be in our next report. We´ll keep you updated!