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Heroes for Europe

Stay at home! – For most people, this is the best way to contribute to the fight against COVID-19. But some people can’t just stay at home because their jobs are essential to helping others: hospital staff, doctors, paramedics, firefighters, health officials, supermarket workers and many more. To thank all of our heroes out there, cyber-Wear is launching the #heroesforeurope campaign. Heroes who go above and beyond will be rewarded with a Hero Box, containing many practical surprises. 


Anyone who knows one of these heroes, someone who puts the needs and health of other people above their own by taking care of others during the pandemic, can nominate this hero on the specially created website: All you have to do is provide the hero’s address and a reason for the nomination, and we will send them a Hero Box with some amazing surprises. The white package itself is lovingly labelled with the words "For heroes only! Inside there is a to-go cup for "Heroes on tour" filled with a delicious chocolate-nutty surprise, a power bank with "Hero power", a Hero Bert for squeezing in order to reduce stress, a Hero postcard and a handwritten thank you letter designed with the same loving care.

 The world needs to know who is getting us through this pandemic. And so cyber-Wear is calling for everyone to post pictures of heroes using the dedicated hashtags #tocgether and #loovedones. That way, everyone can read the stories of the heroes of the pandemic and offer their thanks and appreciation. Examples of heroes could be a mother working from home while looking after her three children, or a brother who’s been working overtime at the hospital for weeks on end. No matter who, they all deserve it!


Heroes for Europe 

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