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Product Responsibility

Today creating jobs and producing high-quality articles is no longer sufficient. As a company becomes more successful its responsibility also grows – towards employees, suppliers, customers, the environment and natural resources. Cybergroup takes a proactive approach to meeting these challenges.

We want our partners and customers to have confidence in their cooperation with us. We therefore attach great value to ensuring that the production of promotional articles, clothing and merchandising products is carried out under good social and ecological conditions. We assume responsibility for our products by complying with our self-imposed codes of conduct:


ISO-certified quality management
In 2009 Cybergroup ensured the quality of its products and services with certification in accordance with Din ISO 9001:2008 and simultaneously made them verifiable for its customers and business partners. The norm relating to "Quality management systems – requirements" (DIN ISO 9001:2008) is a standard developed by the European Committee for Standardisation in relation to auditing and improving corporate quality management. It promotes the adoption of a process-oriented approach to the development, implementation and improvement of the effectiveness of quality management systems. All our departments met the strict standards which were applied in an assessment of all our processes and structures by an external auditor from the TÜV Süd technical standards organisation. Since that time compliance with the terms of certification has been re-audited and confirmed on an annual basis. In May 2016 certification will be implemented in accordance with the successor norm DIN ISO 9001:2015.


UN Global Compact
In 2012 Cybergroup joined the United Nations Global Compact, the world's biggest and most important initiative for responsible corporate management. So far 13,000 companies and organisations from civil society, politics and science in 170 countries have committed themselves to a single idea: on the basis of 10 universal principles, the compact pursues the vision of an inclusive and sustainable world economy for the benefit of all peoples, communities and markets – both today and in the future. We comply with these principles with every order we process.

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Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) 
Since 2014 Cybergroup has been an active member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative, which is dedicated to the observation of fundamental human rights and to improving social standards in worldwide production and supply chains. It offers companies a systematic monitoring and qualification system for the purpose of improving working conditions. Its requirements include a ban on the exploitation of child labour and forced labour, and compliance with legal regulations in terms of pay and working hours. Producers and suppliers from countries assessed to be at risk which supply companies on the EU market with non-food products such as clothing, shoes, toys, appliances and grocery products are audited and supported when introducing improved working conditions. The BSCI Code of Conduct, which Cybergroup applies in the processing of all its orders, consists of eleven principles.

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Climate-friendly shipping
In consultation with a number of its customers, Cybergroup uses the DHL GoGreen environmental protection programme for the purpose of improving CO2efficiency. The programme focuses on avoiding, reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. The top priority is reducing CO2emissions, which have the greatest negative effect on the environment as a result of logistics operations.

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PSI Sustainability Awards
In 2015 the code of social corporate responsibility practised by Cybergroup was confirmed by an objective scoring system, and  in the first PSI Sustainability Awards we were nominated in no less than three categories. These awards provide reliable information about sustainability within our sector of industry. Both PSI members and non-members were able to enter the competition, either with a product, a campaign or as a company as a whole. Submissions were judged in accordance with the three pillars of corporate sustainability: economy, ecology and social responsibility. In the first year of the competition Cybergroup was among the finalists in no less than three categories: Social Excellence, Environment Initiative and Social Initiative.

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