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Social Responsibility

As an international company, it is a matter of course for us to treat the various cultures of many different countries with respect and consideration. In addition we are aware of our general responsibility for society, and regard our own business success as closely linked to the integrity of the locations where we operate.

As a result Cybergroup demonstrates its commitment on a continuous basis by making donations to a wide range of social projects:

'Bündnis für Familie Heidelberg'
–> https://www.familie-heidelberg.de

Help for children affected by the Chernobyl disaster e.V, Frechen 
–> http://www.hilfe-tschernobyl.de

Forest-Pirates-Camp from the German Childhood Cancer Foundation, Heidelberg 
–> http://www.waldpiraten.de

Youth House, Heidelberg
–> http://www.hausderjugend-hd.de 

Work-Shop for the blind-Schlich, Hürtgenwald-Horm
–> http://www.arbeitsring.de

Children's Home St. Antonius, Karlsruhe
–> http://www.st-antoniusheim.de

Refugee Relief, Dossenheim
–> http://www.asylkreis-dossenheim.de

The Heidelberg Project, Detroit, Michigan, USA
–> http://www.heidelberg.org