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Global promotional goods fulfilment for a global logistics provider
It's official: DB Schenker is a new cyber-Wear customer! The company is known for its leading positions in the automotive sector, technology, consumer goods, trade fair forwarding, special transport operations and services for major sporting events.

cyber-Wear has long been committed to a range of social initiatives, and now intends to support this one, too. The problem of child poverty has been known to politicians for years, but changes are unfortunately not in sight. So even if our support is only a drop in the ocean, we plan to support this initiative wholeheartedly. After all, every child living in poverty is one too many.

MAKE IT YOURS! A uniquely different kind of goodie bag
For the first time ever this year's PSI Sustainability Award Gala Night took place digitally. In keeping with this new and unique format we naturally took advantage of the opportunity to make this evening something very special in a tactile way, too. A glamorous gala package in the appropriate "MAKE IT YOURS!" edition.

The first digital PSI Sustainability Award Gala Night
The trip to the professional film studio in Düsseldorf where the digital PSI Sustainability Award Gala was to take place already had a different feel to it than the journey to the Kurhaus in Wiesbaden in previous years. HOWEVER, new times require new approaches, and we believe we succeeded in making the evening unforgettable and unique in a somewhat different way.

cfb IofY 2021 Nominee