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Cybergroup returns with its own lounge at the PSI 2019
When the international promotional goods industry converges on Düsseldorf for the PSI trade show in January 2019, for three days the entire focus will be on our core expertise - promotional articles, merchandising and corporate fashion.

Why is it that promotional items are an indispensable component of the marketing mix?
The traditional marketing mix of product, price, place and promotion comprises all the measures required to achieve the goals of marketing. The tactile promotional item is both outstandingly efficient and highly memorable, making it a vital element in this mix.

Cybergroup donates 240 T-shirts to Regine Sixt's "Kinderwiesn"
SIXT has been giving its support to the youngest members of our society for many years now. The Regine Sixt Children's Aid Foundation, known as "Drying Little Tears", sets up projects and initiatives in the areas of health, emergency aid, education and welfare. As one of these projects, the "Kinderwiesn" has in the meantime become an established event at the Oktoberfest.

Support for Blindenbetrieb Arbeitsring
Cybergroup is cooperating with Blindenbetrieb Arbeitsring, located close to Stuttgart, to help visually impaired people finish their training, among others