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A big player weighing only 95 grammes
With the latest highlight in umbrellas you no longer need to decide whether one of them will fit in your handbag. This practical companion weighs only an incredible 95 grammes.

cyber-Wear promotes a family-friendly world of work
The "Alliance for Heidelberg Families" and cyber-Wear Heidelberg GmbH actively support a more family-friendly world of work

Merchandising can be so tasty!
Advertising materials are not just classic ball point pens, a cool cap or a nice cup. cyber-Wear has set new standards with its customer gifts during the PSI show.

Ban on plastic straws – so what?
Around 40 billion drinking straws are used and subsequently thrown away every year in Germany alone. Along with many other single-use products, this results in huge quantities of refuse – and yet at the same time it's so unnecessary, as there are after all alternatives.