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There's no such things as 'can't be done'!
For cyber-Wear, mission impossible doesn't exist This was again shown by one of the latest projects with Deutsche Bahn AG, in which cyber-Wear delivered products to very special addresses in a very short time, something which the parcel services were unable to manage.

Second CG Lounge Talk a resounding success
In the second live talk, Steven Baumgärtner spoke with Tobias Köckert, Managing Director of Mahlwerck Porzellan, about his company's latest products, innovations, forms of finishing, production processes and trends.

CG Lounge Talk: Premium manufacturer Mahlwerck
On Wednesday mornings customers are now informed live about new products by the CG Lounge Talk. After start-up earebel, cyber-Wear has now invited major manufacturer Mahlwerck to its lounge in Mannheim.

Successful premiere of CG Lounge Talk
For the cyber team and their first guest, Manuel Reisacher from Earebel GmbH, the acid test has now been more than successfully passed. Apart from the short but intensive preparation, the biggest challenge was of course the LIVE broadcast.