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HAPPY EVOLUTION! Sennheiser celebrates its most successful range of microphones
Sennheiser’s most successful range of microphones celebrates its 20th anniversary. The Evolution series turned not only Sennheiser’s world upside down, but that of the music industry too. A limited edition range of merchandising was designed for the occasion of the anniversary, and sold out within hours.

The Spectaculator makes maths colourful
Pocket calculators are intended to carry out their functions quickly and reliably, however, their businesslike design can usually only be described as boring. The Cybergroup presents a unique twist to these promotional items, which now gives free reign to your imagination

Largest donation in cyber-history
With around 20 boxes on two pallets, cyber-Wear makes its largest donation yet, both in terms of scope and of the wide variety of items donated, to a children’s home in Belarus

Summer is over, Cybergroup is ringing the bells for Yuletide
The summer has gone, and Christmas is almost upon us. ARE YOU KIDDING? Can employees of Deutsche Bahn really be thinking that it's already time to be browsing through Cybergroup's customer-specific Christmas catalogue?