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Viessmann Climate Solutions SE

Since mid-2017, cyber-Wear has been the official partner for the further development of the “Viessmann Selection” collection. This includes administration of the custom-built merchandise shop and, since mid-2019, coordination of the storage and logistics for products from the Viessmann Selection range. From the very beginning, both companies have been collaborating closely on new product ideas and projects. The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers for climate and energy solutions. With 22 manufacturing companies in 12 countries, sales companies and agencies in 74 countries and 120 sales offices worldwide, Viessmann has a decidedly international orientation. Viessmann have been committed to sports sponsorship for more than 20 years now.  Above all, this commitment is rooted in the company’s wholehearted dedication and enthusiasm for top-class sports. Whether it’s biathlon, ski jumping, luge or Nordic combined – they sponsor top athletes in a wide range of winter sports and accompany them on their path to success. Thus, high quality, sporty and winter articles distinguish the cooperation between the strong brand and cyber-Wear.

Barbecue | The Fan Collection

A unique collection of fan merchandise has been developed in a collaboration with biathlete and Olympic champion Benedikt Doll.  One of the items in this collection is a unique barbecue set consisting of an apron, a spatula, a set of tongs, a fork, a pair of gloves, a recipe and a card bearing an original autograph, hand signed by Benedikt himself. 


Benedikt was introduced to sport by his parents. Together with his father, a successful mountain runner and long-distance runner, as well as a master chef and one of the chefs for the 2002 Olympics, he also pursues a further great passion of his – cooking.  Together they edit the blog "Doll's Cuisine" where they write about nutrition, enjoying good food and endurance sport.

They use exclusively regional, seasonal and above all fresh products for their recipes which form the basis for a well-balanced and varied diet. Just as their passion for sport is clear for all to see, it becomes obvious from the dishes that they create that they are equally passionate about cooking.  They have also brought out a cookery book together, which not only contains a range of well-balanced recipes, but also a description of their favourite routes through the Upper Black Forest.


Doli | Refillable and sustainable

This designer drinks bottle is made from hand-made borosilicate glass which is a highly temperature-resistant material, so it is also ideal for use with hot drinks. The bottle is much lighter than conventional glass bottles and the material used is also harder than normal glass. The temperature-resistant bottle is protected by a removable casing made of food-grade silicone and a matching lid in "vitorange", which also give it a very stylish look. The bottle is also easy to clean as it can safely be put in the dishwasher.


With this Doli water bottle, Viessmann hopes to protect the environment by reducing the number of plastic bottles that are bought and simply thrown away.


Upcycling | Bags made from advertising banners

This bag collection has been manufactured from recycled Viessmann banners that have been used at winter sports events. Because the material comes from advertising tarpaulins, the bags are particularly robust and durable. Each individual bag is unique and unlike any other, as they are made of whatever banner material is available at the time. The bags also have the potential to become absolute favourite pieces and are real eye-catchers.

Apart from the selection and development of suitable articles, the company's sense of social responsibility also requires the production and use of innovative and sustainable products. The company has aligned itself closely with this core brand value, which focuses on a sense of common purpose, responsibility and innovation, and has combined this with its commitment to winter sports to develop a sustainable bag collection that reflects these values and this commitment in every respect, and more than emphasises the company's responsibility in terms of sustainability.


By re-using the banner material, each part of the branded banner is transformed into an absolutely unique and individual bag. This means that each customer gets their own personal one-off design and a winter sports souvenir that is suitable for everyday use, highly individual and long-lasting. The bags also feature the Viessmann design through and through – yet without being too obviously branded, as only parts or sections of the brand logo are recognisable.


Sound Gadgets | A real treat for your ears!

What could fit in better with the product range of this winter sports sponsor than a headband with integrated waterproof headphones? Training whilst listening to your favourite music – after all, music not only provides motivation and enhances your ability to concentrate, it also increases your level of performance. Up until now, bulky, impractical headphones with their tangle of wires were not really an option when doing winter sports, but now there is a ray of hope for all winter sportsmen and women – cyberWear has developed a Viessmann design headband with integrated waterproof headphones.

Thanks to the perfect fabric blend made from breathable, UV-protective and fast-drying synthetic fibres, this "performance headband" is not only suitable for use during the winter season but is also ideally suited to higher temperatures or for doing workouts indoors. The removable, waterproof earebel headphones naturally come equipped with the most advanced Bluetooth® connectivity. Simply connect with your smartphone or MP3 player, and make phonecalls or listen to music hands-free, without being aware of any distracting items on or in your ears. For ambitious sportsmen and women who attach importance to both the functionality of a headband and to having headphones that are comfortable to wear, this product is just what they have been looking for. 

Legendary sound quality – anytime, anywhere! With these stylish headphones, you will benefit from the experience that JBL has built up over a period of 70 years in the development of technology for precise and natural sound in top-class cinemas, concert halls and sound studios across the world. Now this legendary JBL sound is available anywhere – in fact wherever you happen to take your music. The headphones also offer a couple of extra features: your heart rate can be displayed, without you having to touch your phone. And a vibrating alarm function will ensure that you never miss a phonecall again.


Into the winter with Tufte | with Bambull®

Unique and exclusive: Our Tufte branded functional wear for men and women is a range of very special garments that have been produced exclusively for Viessmann in our trademark colour "vitorange".

Founder Olaf Tufte, originally from Vestfold in Norway and a double Olympic champion, developed this range of functional wear with a keen eye on comfort and functionality. He also focused on sustainability. For this reason, bamboo fibres are used for the manufacture of Tufte functional wear, as bamboo grows quickly and doesn't require either extra watering or the use of artificial fertilisers or harmful pesticides.

No itchy feeling – double the comfort. The fabric used is called Bambull® and is a combination of bamboo and wool, made up of two layers, with bamboo fibres on the inside and merino wool on the outside. The products have one layer which is 100% merino wool, and another made of 100% bamboo fibres. The two layers are woven together using a fine nylon thread. The combination of the two component parts results in a high level of functionality and makes the garments very pleasant to wear.  


Beautifully soft and fluffy | Plush items for babies and children

The Viessmann Selection for younger fans features some beautifully soft and cuddly animal toys. The 30 cm-tall NICI polar bear "Finn", who wears a Viessmann scarf, will win the hearts of children and adults alike. For even if the kids sometimes treat him roughly, you can pop him in the washing machine on a 30 °C wash and he'll soon be clean and fresh again. His especially soft fur makes him the ideal toy for a good cuddle.


For older children, a tiny version of "Finn" is available as a cute lucky charm that will fit into any bag: the key ring version of the NICI polar bear "Finn", from the well-known NICI soft toy collection, wears an orange Viessmann scarf and will be sure to become a constant companion for its owner.


This version of "My First NICI Comfort Blanket" has been designed exclusively for Viessmann. It features the head of "Finn" the polar bear and is made of unbelievably soft NICI plush fabric in cream and "vitorange". His scarf bears the Viessmann logo. A great present for all newborns and babies, who will quickly learn to grasp and cuddle their comfort blanket thanks to the knotted arms.


Viessmann Selection | Online Shop

The Viessmann Merchandise Collection Shop is run by Cybergroup. Their responsibilities include the creation of product descriptions and photos, customer support and newsletter distribution.


The new shop also contains some very special product highlights! For example, the heatable ski boot bag is an absolute must-have for the winter sports season and brand new to the market. A dream come true! Arriving on the piste with your ski boots already warmed up? The heatable Viessmann ski boot bag makes this possible. With the aid of a mobile charger, this innovative and practical companion for every winter sports activity ensures that the lucky owners of this innovative product can warm up their ski boots on the way to the ski slopes and dry them out on their way home at the end of the day. 



Wintersport | #winterfans

Viessmann und winter sports simply belong together. Viessmann have been committed to sport sponsorship for more than 20 years now.  Above all because they believe in and are passionate about top-class sport. Whether it's biathlon, ski jumping, luge or Nordic combined – they sponsor top sportsmen and women in a wide range of winter sports and accompany them on the path to success. Top-class sport and top-class products also go hand-in-hand. This applies to all their products, from fan merchandise like the original Viessmann Team ski hat to items of clothing for winter sports or high-quality gifts.  The "Viessmann Selection" trademark stands for top-quality products with great functionality and stylish designs.


The best example of this is the heatable ski boot bag. This innovative and practical companion for winter sports activities is equipped with a mobile charger which allows the user to warm up their ski boots on the way to the ski slopes and dry them out on their way home at the end of the day.  


They also offer the perfect ski bag to match. The Viessmann design ski bag ensures that your skis, sticks, shoes and much more are safely packed and well protected. The bag prevents your ski kit from sliding around when you are travelling, and also protects it from damage, moisture, dirt or cold temperatures. At the same time, it also prevents your kit from getting damaged when your luggage is being loaded or unloaded.


When you get really thirsty, this reusable, recycled water bottle is just what you need. It's made of bamboo (lid) and sugar cane (bottle). True winter sports fans will also love the print of Laura Dahlmeier and her signature.


They look super cool! The fashionable ski hats worn by the German Ski Association athletes are not only extremely eye-catching but also very cosy to wear. This knitted hat, made from a blend of pure new wool and synthetic fibres, with an extra-warm inner edging of fleece, will be your faithful companion in the winter months and keep you super warm. With its attractive styling in a knitted marl design and a matching pom-pom, it will not only keep you warm but also underlines your sporty look.