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Friday, 22-01-2021


cyber-Wear has long been committed to a range of social initiatives, and now intends to support this one, too. The problem of child poverty has been known to politicians for years, but changes are unfortunately not in sight. So even if our support is only a drop in the ocean, we plan to support this initiative wholeheartedly. After all, every child living in poverty is one too many.

In Germany 2.8 million children and young people are growing up in financial poverty. That's why the #StopptKinderarmut initiative is campaigning against child poverty in this country. Many people are not even aware of the extent of the problem, and accordingly the Bertelsmann Foundation and the MESH Collective have launched a joint initiative to encourage people to talk openly about the issue of child poverty in Germany and to stop turning a blind eye to it.  In order for children to grow up as carefree as possible the initiative is demanding, among other things, the kind of basic financial security for all children that will enable them to escape from poverty. In addition, it not only wants fair educational opportunities and fair access to social activities for all children, but is also calling for more money for really good day-care centres and schools, as well as access to leisure and cultural activities for all children and young people. The initiative is committed to a policy that listens to and involves children and young people, because they know best what they need and what is important to them.


Together with organisations involved in family and children's issues, #StopptKinderarmut is continuing to campaign for an end to child poverty in Germany. Fair educational and participation opportunities for all children and young people remain its goal, and we aim to support the initiative in this.

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